Velliya chatti - Eeya chombu (tin vessel)

₹ 2,580.00

Eeya Chombu - This Is One Vessel That Gets Passed On From Generation To Generation. This Vessel Is Supposed To Enhance Your Grandmothers And Mothers Secret Recipe In Making The Best Rasam In This World. Made Of Pure Tin, Eeya Chombu Has Lost Its Traditional Space In Our Fast Paced Urban Household. Eeya Chombu Was An Omnipresent Vessel In Every Tamil Household. Rasam Is An Important Dish That Is Consumed In Every Tamil Household. It Is Also A Tradition That The Bride'S Parents Gift An Eeya Chombu Vessel To The Newly Wed Couple. There Are Different Varieties Of Rasam And They All Have Immense Health Benefits. When You Are Ill, Especially Down With Fever Or Cold, You Would Surely Miss The "Melagu Rasam" Our Moms Make And Give Us. This Eeya Chombu Is Made In The Traditional Manner By Some Of The Oldest Artisans In This Trade. It Is Made Of Pure Tin And Should Be Handled With Care: Usage: Never Leave The Vessel Un-Attended In The Gas Burner Always Heat The Vessel With Liquid Filled Up To At Least 1/3Rd The Height Of The Vessel Always Keep The Burner On Simmer Mode - Never Use High Flame Tin As A Metal Has Low Melting Point Weight : 650gm Ml : 1-1.1 litre 100% pure Tin vessel traditionally used for making rasam, storing cooked food and setting curd Handmade by artisans in rural Tamil Nadu Lasts for generation: passed on as heirloom from mothers to daughters Support revival of the art form: Only two artisans left who know how to make these vessels