Hand made Cast Iron Kadai - Small Size (7 Inches Dia, 1.2 Kg Weight) Ideal For Paapad Frying, Thadka & 1-2 Member Cooking: Rustic Finish

₹ 639.00₹ 899.00

Capacity: 500 ml; Weight: 1200 Grams, Diameter: 7 Inches (Outer Diameter), Depth: 3 -3.5 Inches, Tested and Certified for adhering to EU standards for Hazardous substances in cookware Hand-made Cast Iron Kadai, pre- treated with heat and oil to be seasoned just for the first time Traditional cookware made by the last generation of artisans from Thenkasi district of Tamil Nadu Holistic traditional cooking. Rustic finish as used by our grand parents - bring back old memories! Directions to use: Wash well before use. Keep it dry after usage. Pre-treated with heat and oil. Seasoning to be done before first use: Cut an onion to fine pieces and fry it in the kadai with 3-4 spoons of oil for 20-25 minutes and discard the fried onion. After this - the Kadai is ready to use!