Cradle Stick - Thotil Kambu

₹ 449.00

Handmade cradle stick with beautiful bells & Rope. Also has parrot on cradle head for perfect finish.. this made of wooden may take us to traditional way of babyThottil Kambu and the rope available , are used as holder to tie cradle with the rope available with this pack, and a cotton cloth is tied to the rope and the new born baby is let to sleep in the cradle in a traditional way. Babies sleeping in this cotton cradle will be healthy and the growth of the baby is in normal way. Air circulation is very free . As the cradle cloth is few inches above the floor no need to fear of leaving the baby alone in the room. The rope is tied to the sealing and the stick is attached to the rope, and beneath the stick is the cloth tied. While sleeping in this traditional way , the baby feels sleeping in the arms of the mother.