Cast Iron Appa Chatti: Traditional Hand Made By Rural Artisans, 8 Inches Diameter, Adhering To Eu Standards

₹ 450.00

Bring Back The Memories Of Your Grandmother Making These Delicious Appams Hand-Made Cast Iron Kadai, Pre- Seasoned With Heat & Oil. Seasoning To Be Done Once Before First Use: Cut An Onion To Fine Pieces And Fry It In The Cookware With 3-4 Spoons Of Oil For 20-25 Minutes And Discard The Fried Onion. After This - The Cookware Is Ready To Use! Traditional Cookware Made By The Last Generation Of Artisans From Thenkasi District Of Tamil Nadu Directions To Use: Wash Well Before Use, Heat The Chatti And Apply Oil Across To Provide A Uniform Coating Size: 8 - 8.5 Inches In Diameter And 1.25 - 1.5 Inches In Depth, Adhering To Eu Standards For Hazardous Substance In Cookware