Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the order processing time?

How long is the order processing time?We are process order within 4-24 hours

How do I make an exchange?

You can send email or call or through our website

What kinds of payment methods do you accept?

Village Factory accept all credit/debit/net banking and wallets

Does your Cold pressed Oil (Mara chekku ennai) is pure?

Yes. Village Factory manufacture 100% Pure Organic Cold pressed oil in a Traditional Vakai Mara chekku method. Our Oils are extracted within 24deg C

Which oil used for Traditional Sweets and Snacks ordered online?

Village Factory Traditional Sweets and snacks ordered online are prepared using Cold pressed Groundnut Oil or Gingelly/Sesame Oil or Coconut Oil or Pure Ghee.

How many hours old Traditional sweets and snacks are shipped once order placed?

Village Factory ship fresh Traditional sweets and snacks which are prepared with in 4-12 hours once customer places an order online. Few Traditional Sweets and snacks like Kadalai mittai , Ginger Mittai ,Thaen mittai are prepared 3-4 days before shipping

Do you have Certification for your oils?

Yes Village Factory Oils are Fssai Ceritified and Our cold pressed oils (mara chekku ennai) are extracted from Organic seeds/coconuts cultivated by us

What are the type of products you manufacture?

Village Factory manufacture and supply Traditional Sweets & snacks , Cold pressed Oil (mara chekku ennai) , A2 Cow Ghee , Pure Farm honey, Hand made Brass , Cast Iron , Copper, Stainless steel products

How can we trust your Honey is Pure?

Village Factory own Honey Farm near Tirunelveli in 10 acres of land. Plenty of types of honey are out there in a market which are processed or mixed to give different color and fragrance but we believe in nature's output so we give honey without processing with any chemicals or preservatives. Our all products are Genuine and used by our trusted customers across South Indian States

How do you make A2 Cow Ghee?

Village Factory follow lengthy route of culturing milk into yogurt, gathering the cream from it, beating that to make butter and then finally to ghee. This is the traditional way of doing it and this ghee obtained has numerous medicinal properties.

Do you manufacture hand made CAST IRON /BRASS / COPPER products?

Hand made CAST IRON /BRASS / COPPER products are manufactured by a Grandpa at our Village who is doing this as a family business for last 10 decades. We are helping him sell his product online without any margin