Sulphur Free Virgin Coconut oil

High Quality coconut used. Not extracted and added Anything

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Marachekku Gingelly Oil

Palm Jaggery and Sesame seeds only Nothing extracted and added

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Marachekku Groundnut Oil

Start at INR.145

Organic Groundnut used for grinding. Zero Chemical added

100 % Organic cold pressed ( Mara chekku ) oil in Bangalore

Buy cold pressed oil from village factory in Bangalore. Village factory manufacture 100% organic cold pressed coconut, Gingelly / Sesame ( Black , Brown , White ) , Groundnut / Peanut We supply in glass & plastic bottles

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100% Pure Organic Cold pressed Oil Chennai

Village factory is the only online organic shop which cultivate and manufacture standard cold pressed oil in Chennai Village factory has warehouse in Bangalore and Chennai. Village factory don't buy seeds and products from third party.

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100% Pure Organic Cold pressed Oil mill Bangalore

Village factory is the only oil mill from bangalore India who cultivate seeds( naati grains) and coconuts on our own

Mara chekku Oil Mill 1

Oil delivery points

1.Srivaikuntam, Thoothukudi Tamilnadu 2.Arumuganeri, Thoothukudi Tamilnadu

All over South India

100% Organic mara chekku ennai - chennai parampariya method - Village factory

Village factory produce organic cold pressed oil products

Village factory produce cold pressed ( mara chekku ) coconut oil , cold pressed ( mara chekku ) sesame / gingelly ( black , brown and white ) oil , Groundnut / Peanut oil

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100% Organic marachekku ennai

Village factory extract mara chekku ennai in Gramiyum-muray

Village factory produce cold pressed ( mara chekku ) oil in Srivaikuntam and Arumuganeri. We cultivate organic seeds in our farm

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100% Pure wood pressed Oil Bangalore

Village factory manufacture zero chemical wood pressed oil in Bangalore

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No.1 Naati grain Cold pressed oil Bangalore

Village factory use Pure Naati grains .Extracted with marachekku

Bangalore ( Indiranagar, Ulsoor, Domlur, Hal , Kalyan nagar , MG road , Majestic , Whitefield , Thippasandra , CMH road , Lavelle road , Kasturi nagar , Tin factory

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Pure Chekku Gingelly oil Bangalore - Village factory

Organic mara chekku Gingelly oil

Village factory produce Organic mara chekku Gingelly oil with brown, blacks and white sesame seeds

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Village factory Organic Coconut oil Bangalore

Village factory cultivate organic coconuts and manufature cold pressed Coconut oil on chekku and supply it in Bangalore

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