Cold Pressed(mara chekku) oil Health benefits 6 Reasons

Why you should stop using refined oils?

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Reason 1: The modern method of oil extraction involves supplying a lot of heat during extraction

Oil is heated up to temperatures of 230 degree centigrade. Heating it to such high temperatures alters the properties of the oil molecules in unfavorable ways (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons  are formed at high temperatures which are carcinogenic) – and strips it off of its nutritional value.

Reason 2:  optimum extraction of oil, a solvent is added

In this case, hexane. The hazards of exposure to hexane are many – including dermatitis and CNS depression – depending upon the quantity of hexane inhaled or ingested.

Reason3: According to the European Union regulations, the temperatures for cold-pressing must not exceed 27 degrees centigrade

In olden times, a long cylindrical contraption called a “Chekku” was used. The oilseeds were placed inside and ground with a pestle until the oil came out. This is the simplest method for “cold-pressing” the oil out of a seed because it doesn’t involve the generation or addition of heat.

Reason 4: Cold Pressed oil retain  healthy anti-oxidants

Cold Pressed oil retain  healthy anti-oxidants that are otherwise destroyed by heat. These anti-oxidants fight harmful free radicals and prevent the growth of tumors.

Reason5:   Cold pressed coconut oil, despite its bad reputation, contains lauric acid, which fights against harmful pathogens. This compound is also found in human breast milk.

Reason5:  Cold pressed coconut oil, contains lauric acid

Reason6:cold-pressed oils help stabilise blood sugar

cold-pressed filtered groundnut oil. “At low temperatures, the fatty acid bonds in the groundnut don’t get destroyed, keeping its heart-protecting abilities intact, along with vitamins and minerals. Groundnuts, with their high Niacin (of the Vitamin B family) content, help stabilise blood sugars”